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Why You Should Use Hemp Skin Care Products

The world of beauty and skincare have long been plagued with products with often synthetic, harsh, and unrecognizable ingredients. As time passes by, more and more research is available on how conventional skincare products are harming your overall health rather than providing benefits.

With more people being aware of the long term hazards of these products, they are finally learning to say no. They’re now on the lookout for healthier and natural options that provide the same great skincare without the added side-effects of synthetic products. And mother nature seems to have heard the cry of these people and provided them with hemp or CBD products.

CBD or cannabidiol oil which is extracted from the hemp plant seems to have found a tremendous fan following for being an all-natural ingredient. It is packed with the natural healing powers of the hemp plant but is more concentrated. Containing significant amounts of Omega fatty acids and Vitamin E, hemp has become a favorite natural skincare remedy. But should you really try it out?

Despite being an all-new powerful force in the skincare and beauty industry, a lot of people still have their concerns and doubts. It is a new thing after all, and as it is with all new things, it has met with mix reactions.

If you’re here seeking answers to burning questions like –

  • Is CBD Safe?
  • Is it Legal?
  • Does it get you high?
  • Does it really work on your skin?

Then you have come to the right place. We’ll walk you through the many proven benefits of CBD, which hopefully will convince you to finally give it a try.

What is CBD? Why Is It so Popular?

You’re already familiar with the origins of CBD from above, but did you know how beneficial it is for your skin and overall health? CBD is brimming with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and pain-relieving qualities.

Hemp Oil Pain Reliever

The component gained a lot of popularity after it was made legal by the U.S government and the FDA approved the use of it in skincare and beauty products. Ever since then, researchers and scientists have only been able to find positive aspects of the component through clinical and non-clinical studies. Their findings have been enough to attract skincare enthusiasts, experts, and others to speak in favor of it.

If you’re still not aware of the many benefits of CBD beyond pain-relief, then read on. Here are 5 reasons why you should begin using CBD for skincare starting today.

CBD is Rich in Vitamins

You’ve probably heard numerous doctors, skin-enthusiasts, experts, and your mother talk about the importance of good nutrition and vitamins for your health. While being healthy will always be visible in your skin, sometimes the free-radical damage from the environment will create the need to provide a little extra nourishment to the skin.

And if it’s vitamins your skin is lacking, then you can count on CBD. The component is naturally rich in vitamin C and E – both of which are known for their powerful healing and rejuvenating qualities for the skin. These vitamins are vital for your skin because they help protect your skin from environmental damage, protecting your skin from the natural process of aging.

If you doubt it, try giving yourself a little treatment of a CBD lotion after your shower and you’re mind will change immediately.

Works as an Acne Treatment

The omega fatty acids within CBD are capable of providing high anti-inflammatory properties to the skin. These properties effectively help control acne because these are usually caused by inflammation in the skin. Sometimes acne is caused by bacteria which can also be treated with CBD’s antibacterial qualities.

In other words, if you have acne-prone skin, use CBD regularly to stop acne breakouts from occurring.

Soothes the Skin and Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes and dark circles under the skin are evidence of fatigue and stress. Since the skin under the eyes is thin and more fragile compared to the rest of the face, it requires a gentler approach, something which is not found in typical eye creams.

An eye cream fused with CBD means that it has plenty of anti-inflammatory qualities to help tighten the skin and reduce the puffiness under the eyes without irritating them.

Anti-Aging Qualities

Many recent studies have found that there are receptors in the brain that interact with CBD in a very good way. Since our bodies already produce a limited number of cannabinoids, research has found that when CBD is introduced to the skin, it can cause the brain receptors to increase the skin’s regeneration power. In layman terms, this means your skin not only looks healthier, and fresh but it also shows fewer signs of aging.

Other Benefits to Skin

We all suffer from multiple skin problems regardless of what type of skin we have. Many people often find themselves dealing with skin problems like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, red spots, and more at the same time. Since CBD has natural skin healing properties, it can be a one-stop solution for all these problems.

On top of that, some research also suggests that CBD can help in the treatment of advanced skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Is CBD Safe? Will It Cause a High?

By now we’re pretty sure you’re convinced that CBD is indeed a powerful tool to add into your skincare routine. But is it safe? Does it get you high?

Yes, it is safe, and no it will never get you high. CBD is a natural ingredient that may come from an infamous source, but it is absent from components that cause a high feeling. The component that is responsible for such psychoactive reactions is THC.

So if you’ve had your doubts, we hope we have cleared them all. CBD is super safe to use and it is definitely worth giving a shot if you’re tired of synthetic products and their side effects.

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